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Bike sharing platform


PubliBike offers bike sharing as a complete service solution. Their bikes are already available in many cities of Switzerland, for example, in Zurich, Lausanne, Lugano, Fribourg, and Berne.

Comerge supplies the software development of the website, the mobile apps, the backend, and all the APIs.

The challenge

Bikes and e-bikes, on- and offline

The bike sharing market in Switzerland is highly competitive with contestants coming from all around the world. To distinguish themselves from other players, PubliBike relies on innovation and high quality - both in the hardware components (bikes, e-bikes, and stations) as well as in the software development and in the user experience (access using the mobile app or the SwissPass).

As experts in the field of mobility, Comerge is responsible for the design and implementation of the website and the apps. Our software developers in Zurich also develop the backend system for PubliBike. The goal of the software: make the onboarding of new customers easy, fast, and comfortable. The registered customers should be able to start a new bike rental with just a few clicks - even if the app or the station is offline.

PubliBike: Kunde bei der Station
PubliBike: Schloss öffnen mit der App
PubliBike: Entwickler bei der Arbeit
PubliBike: Schloss und Karte
PubliBike: Laufende Fahrt
PubliBike: App und Webseite

The idea

Open the bike via Bluetooth or directly using the SwissPass

In order to realize an optimal customer journey, the apps communicate via Bluetooth with the lock of the bike or e-bike. Additionally, our software developers implemented an interface to the SwissPass, so that the rental can be started even faster without a smartphone.

The solution

As simple as possible

With the development of the website and apps, Comerge has realized a software solution for PubliBike that makes bike rentals as simple as possible for the customers. To sum it up: Eco-friendly mobility (almost) everywhere in Switzerland.