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We develop and program your app. From design to launch.

Good software development  and programming turns an idea into a digital product. As a software development company, we develop concepts, design the user experience, program the software, and take your idea to a successful launch and beyond.

Comerge likes to program good software. All the steps to the creation of the digital product happen in Zurich and Kuala Lumpur. Learn more about us below or just give us a call.

Software Development and UX Design

Comerge develops and programs Mobile and Web Apps focusing on user experience and performance.

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Programming languages

  • Java / Kotlin
  • JavaScript / TypeScript
  • Swift / Objective C
  • Dart
  • C++ / C#
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Tech Stack Software Development

  • Spring / Spring Boot
  • Angular / Flutter / React Native
  • Android and iOS SDKs
  • NodeJS
  • Postgres / MySQL
  • Vaadin
  • Software Analytics (New Relic / Sentry)
  • Docker / Kubernetes
  • Clickable prototypes
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Digital products

Mobile Apps for iOS and Android smartphone operating systems.

Web Applications running your business in the browser accessible from anywhere.

APIs making data usable.

Comerge Components for software development

The Comerge components for rapid software development are solution modules that address recurring customer needs. They help develop robust products in an efficient and cost-effective way.

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App screens

  • User profile and onboarding
  • Administrative interfaces
  • Maps, geocoding/fencing, navigations
  • ​​​​Shop​, shopping cart
  • Payment process (e.g. with Datatrans, PostFinance, Stripe, PayPal)
  • In-app purchases (Android, iOS)
  • Search interfaces (e.g. with Apache Solr, Elasticsearch, Algolia)​​​​​
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  • Accounting systems (Bexio, Abacus)
  • Exports/reports (CSV, XLS, PDF)
  • Communication (Bluetooth, Near field communication)
  • Access with SwissPass or RFID
  • Identity management (KeyCloak, SAML, Active Directory, LDAP, OpenID Connect)
  • Others: Salesforce, Machine learning models, REST APIs

Security and quality

Digitalize the quality management of your medical company.

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ISO 13485 eQMS - enjoy paperless quality management.

For a startup in a medical environment we successfully developed and certified an electronic ISO 13485:2016 quality management system. As a result, we have created a product that we can offer to other medtech startups in order to increase their efficiency. Its standardized and modular structure allows us to adjust all procedures and templates on confluence and jira to your requirements – easy and fast. The digital QMS supports you with automated workflows and paperless processing in all areas from development to support of your medical devices. Together with our partner Confinis we help you to configure and certify your eQMS.

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Coaching and training

We offer hands-on workshops and trainings for companies dealing with digital transformation.

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  • English
  • French
  • German
  • Mandarin
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  • Digitalization
  • User Experience
  • Software development
How it works
Comergers are experts in their fields and teach software development, programming and software architecture at ETH Zürich and several technical schools. In our workshops, we support planning, concept and creation of your digital products.
Together we analyse your goals and expectations for the workshop.
In a workshop we acquire the strategy for the realisation of your idea or introduce your staff to the new software.
With your feedback we define the next steps.

IT-Consulting and Strategy

We help you accomplish your business goals with IT. We support you in technology decisions and make your business ready for the future.

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Software is changing the face of the world. Not only do Comergers know what is coming next – we have it already tested for you. We support you in weighing hype and benefits, impact and maturity of new technologies.

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Software development and programming cannot be looked at on its own. What seemed to be utopian yesterday, is - thanks to rapid progress - possible today. We support you in your next digitalisation step.