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Ayyah 2.0

Resource sharing for events

For Ayyah a software platform to manage rental equipment and consumables for events has been developed by Comerge. The platform is distributed as “Software as a Service” and white label solution to events departments of larger institutions such as banks and insurances. Therewith, Ayyah supports clients in simplifying their logistics processes and to reduce cost.

The platform consists of a responsive online shop and a web based logistics module. It covers the entire process chain digitally from order entry, delivery to return of goods. Comerge is Ayyah's reliable partner for operations, maintenance and software development

Ayyah: Event logistics

The challenge

Data replacement and migration

The goal was an expandable and maintainable software solution based on a state-of-the-art technology stack. In order to reach this goal Ayyah and our software engineers in Zurich have been re-designing and developing the entire web frontend and backend from scratch.

As the previous system has grown over a long period of time and was already outdated, data migration was a particular challenge. In order to ensure a smooth transition to the new platform, data migration was a special focus in the planning of the entire project.

Ayyah: The next event just around the corner!
Ayyah: Equipment order
Ayyah: Event logistics

The idea

Early and frequent data migration

In order to reduce the risk of faulty data migration and to detect problems early on, data migration and consistency was tested repeatedly and very thoroughly.

The solution

Integration in the daily build

Migration scripts were integrated into the daily builds and could, thus, be tested regularly alongside all unit tests. With this approach the transition to operations was smooth and the platform is nowadays used by many well-known and renowned enterprises and logistic companies.