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Airport Taxi Zurich

Shift planning and driver’s app

For Airport Taxi Zurich Kloten a back office software and an app for taxi drivers have been developed by Comerge. Both tools allow them to plan, manage and perform shifts of their employees.

The back office software comprises tools for resource management and creates, for instance, shift plan proposals based on arriving passengers forecast. On the other hand, the app not only enables a taxi driver to accept or decline a shift, but also to unlock the vehicle door per click, thus, rendering the key superfluous.

Airport Taxi Zurich Kloten

The challenge

Quality and efficiency

Using existing internal components allowed us to meet highest quality standards in an efficient manner. The required views in the back office system build on proven software components to display static and profile data as well as user interaction data. 

Furthermore, Airport Taxi could also profit from the years of experience of our team with regards to integrating on-board units for remote unlocking of vehicles. Our software engineers have a proven track record of such integrations from previous car and bike sharing projects.

Airport Taxi: Shift planning
Airport Taxi: Passenger forecast
Airport Taxi: Shift planning