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Renault Twizy Way

Gamified mobility

Renault's Twizy is a lightweight electric vehicle. Renault has launched a free floating car sharing service in Paris named Twizy Way.

With Twizy Way, the next generation of drivers should be inspired to take the electric streak of lightning for a spin. To keep the initial hurdles even lower, the Twizys can be found everywhere in town and are available at a low per-minute-rate — supported by software you like, of course ;-)

TwizyWay: Twizy fleet

The challenge

An electric ride for everyone

Besides being able to spot them in the city, the Twizys also need to have sufficient electric charge for the next ride. The fleet logistics for that come from our tailor-made software for Renault.

TwizyWay: RFID access
TwizyWay app