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Mobile data everywhere

Nowadays smartphones are used always and anywhere, for example as a navigation tool, for online travel itineraries, or for mobile communication via e-mail, video, and chat. Unfortunately, the usage abroad often results in high roaming costs. The Zurich based company Qynamic says "Bye bye roaming" and provides data communication globally, in one simple app, offered at fair prices. Qynamic will keep you from experiencing unpleasant surprises when using data-intensive applications - even abroad.

Comerge develops the telco-software for Qynamic: our software developers in Zurich create Android and iOS apps that support the customer journey from the on-boarding to loading the data packages.

The backend consists of all processes of the telco-fulfillment and the web portals for administrators and resellers.

Qynamic: SIM card and app

The challenge

Worldwide, seamless communication around the clock

The world of the mobile communication industry is complex: there are many different, locally and internationally operating providers with their own SIM cards and confusing tariffs. The solution by Qynamic makes it possible to surf with just one SIM card in almost any country at "local" rates.

The Qynamic system hides the complexity of the peripherals (such as mobile communication and financial software) cleverly from the end customer.

In this way, the software makes it simple to on-board new customers and provide them with stays abroad without any nasty surprises. With the Q-App the customer always has the full overview and control over their data usage. If additional packages are needed, he can top up his account with just a few clicks. For this, the mobile apps, the payment provider, the mobile communication platform, and the accounting system are seamlessly integrated into a comprehensive solution.

Qynamic: App development
Qynamic: Ready for holidays?