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Mobility Car Sharing

Everything for Switzerland's best known car

For the Mobility Cooperative, Comerge developed the SaaS platform (up until 2017) that represents Mobility's more than 25 years of car sharing know-how.

Its subsidiary Mobility Systems + Services offers the solution as a Software as a Service (SaaS) product. It covers the management of all business processes. Enterprise customers can white label the solution, its mobile-, web-, and native apps.

Mobility: Get your car with the app

The challenge

Build the car sharing platform of the 21st century

Together with Mobility Car Sharing, Comerge could develop a new car sharing platform from the ground up. The previous solution had to be replaced without affecting the day-to-day use of its over 100'000 customers. Simultaneously, the new system had to be ready for today's pay-as-you go requirements and needed to be sellable as a service to other car sharing businesses worldwide. Together with a group of partnering firms, Comerge managed to develop the new system and successfully replace the legacy version. For many years, we have been extending and further developing Mobisys 2.0 that now serves hundreds of thousands of customers around the globe.

Mobility: UX Designer working on the software
Mobility: Open the cars using the RFID chipcard
Mobility: Servicing the fleet with the app

The idea

Leverage the know-how

The sharing economy is on the rise. As one of the largest car sharing companies worldwide, Mobility has more than 25 years of experience in the industry. Following its cooperative mindset, Mobility is willing to not only share cars but also its car sharing know-how in the form of its Mobisys 2.0 offering. So, sharing businesses operating outside Switzerland can increase their efficiency and offer an optimal user experience to their respective clients.

The solution

Software as a Service

Comerge designed the new platform as a Software as a Service (SaaS). Mobisys is plug-in based, can be white-labelled and runs multi-language. The Mobility Car Sharing cooperative was able to launch a new line of business using the Mobisys 2.0 platform.