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Mixed reality medtech

Incremed AG contributes to the metaverse in medicine. With their mixed reality products it revolutionizes diagnostic and therapeutic processes.

Comerge supports Incremed with software development and certification of their medtech products.

The challenge

Demanding quality requirements

Medtech software products are highly regulated and have to adhere to the highest quality standards. In addition, precision is of utmost importance for patient safety. Several products have been developed and achieved regulatory approval in collaboration with Comerge.

Incremed: SonoEyes
SonoEyes: The screen where you need it
SonoEyes: Makes interventions easier
Incremed: SonoEyes

The idea

Clinical information on a head mounted display

Showing medically relevant information on the HoloLens mixed reality headset places them as closely as possible to the site of the intervention and allows the surgeon full view of the operating field.

The solution

Streaming and instrument tracking

Imaging information (e.g. ultrasound images) can directly be streamed to the HoloLens with specifically developed hardware. Furthermore, state-of-the-art  technology can track the position of instruments and feeds back accuracy with regards to the implementation of the original planning directly to the surgeon.