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dormakaba Evolo Smart

Access manage­ment on the go

The dormakaba Evolo Smart App brings access management to your fingertips.

Managing access rights on dormkaba Evolo secured doors was previously done using a tailor-made, slow, and expensive legacy device. With the new dormkaba Evolo Smart app, Comerge has developed a user-friendly, fast, and secure app. Used to configure white-lists of people who get access, the app is a quantum leap in terms of user experience.

Kaba smart App: Programming the door over NFC

The challenge

Combining two worlds

Two challenges defined this project: We had to create a user-friendly smartphone app for Android and communicate with the door-handle over NFC (near field communication). The app won the Git Security Award 2016 and shows that Comerge managed to excel both at creating an outstanding user experience and developing a reliable NFC communication stack. This app was developed at our one-stop shop sodtware development company from Zürich.

Kaba smart App: Using the testing door
Kaba smart app with keycard
Kaba smart App: Open doors using a badge

The idea

Use a smartphone

The legacy device used to write access lists onto doors was expensive, clumsy, and hard to operate for the user. Using the technologies provided by modern smartphones seemed to be the logical evolutionary step for dormakaba's product management. Implementing the communication protocol supporting thousands of different Android devices proved to be quite the challenge.

The solution

NFC - Near Field Communication

Modern smartphones often come with an NFC-chip. We used NFC to establish a secure communication channel to send the access list updates to the locks.