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We love great coffee

The CoffeeRace project combines "software you like" with "coffee we like". It provides an app to coffee lovers that caters to their need for excellent, locally roasted coffee. This app is not only for Comerge, but for all coffee aficionados with high standards.

Comerge delivers the idea, project management and software development. The pleasure in the form of coffee beans comes from the Kolonialwarengeschäft H. Schwarzenbach in Zurich and the company Ultrakurier contributes the muscle power for the delivery.

The challenge

"Software you like" for "Coffee we like"

As with most software development companies, Comerge likes to drink a lot of coffee. In addition to the quality of the beans, it is also important to us that we support local service providers, that the coffee is produced fairly and that it is delivered to us in an environmentally friendly manner. Nevertheless, if the supplies are scarce, delivery must be quick: an "OutOfCoffeeException" may not occur.

CoffeeRace makes the ordering process very easy: the app allows you to order excellent, locally roasted coffee and have it delivered in Zurich by a bike courier in an "eco-local" way (or alternatively by post in the whole of Switzerland). This can be done using authentication that relies on the e-mail address and the device on which you use the app - finally, a shop where you don't need to remember yet another password!

CoffeeRace: Wir lieben Kaffee
CoffeeRace: Kaffee auswählen
CoffeeRace: Coffee is ordered!
CoffeeRace: Enjoy your coffee!

The idea

Authentication without password

Online shopping is booming and anyone who uses various shops and services on the Internet is also confronted with a booming number of passwords. For the sake of security, none should be used multiple times and yet each of the passwords should consist of the longest, most complex strings possible. CoffeeRace relinquishes authentication via password for a better user experience.

The solution

Magic links


CoffeeRace uses a combination of automatic authentication and magic links. Once a first order has been made with CoffeeRace, the app on the device is connected to that user account and remains linked to it until the user logs out explicitly. If the customer then wants to log in again, he can do so using a magic link, which is sent to his e-mail address. That way, he never has to enter a password.