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Goods coming your way

Together with Swisslog, Comerge developed the fully automated warehouse system CarryPick. CarryPick is an automated storage and goods-to-person order picking system tailored to the needs of today's ever faster-paced e-business.

The world's first instance of the CarryPick goods-to-person-system is in use by DB Schenker in Sweden. DB Schenker runs CarryPick to rapidly process Lekmer’s e-business orders (children's toys).

The challenge

Warehouse management for the 21st century

Automation being one of the megatrends, CarryPick is at the forefront of shaping logistics. New ideas and creativity were needed to develop the system. CarryPick is the living example that Industry 4.0 is more than a mere buzzword for our software developers.

CarryPick: Warehouse
CarryPick: Racks and robots
CarryPick: Racks and robots
CarryPick: Warehouse layout
CarryPick: Racks

The idea


Online businesses have new storage and warehousing requirements. Large numbers of diverse products must be found, packaged, and sent out in record time. Automating this process seems logical. Varying sizes and packaging requirements of the goods make the logistics behind it all a challenge for man and machine.

The solution

The mobile rack

With CarryPick, Swisslog turns the traditional picking-process upside-down. The handler does no longer move towards the goods, because now the racks become mobile and can drive to the picking-station. This allows for an optimal use of warehouse space and saves the pickers tremendous amounts of footwork.