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Blindenhaus Zurich

Donation management

The association Blindenhaus Zürich offers assisted living for young people with vision impairment and blindness.  The young adults will learn to maintain their household independently as an important step towards reaching personal and social autonomy.

Comerge has developed a software to simplify donation management. This barrier-free application was built on our internal components and could, thus, be implemented at low cost for the association.

Blindenhaus: Donations overview

The challenge


Previously, the Blindenhaus association has used a MS-DOS console application to manage donors and their donations including the generation of donation receipts. As this legacy tool from 1980 was no longer maintainable, we have replaced it with a modern web application.

In order for vision impaired users to be able to use the application it has been ensured that all features of the software can be executed with a key combination. Furthermore, a special high contrast design has been implemented in the frontend to increase accessibility regarding reading of data on the screen.

Blindenhaus: Donation management
Blindenhaus: Address management