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The Batz

Playful discovery of bats

For the exhibition of the "Stiftung zum Schutze unserer Fledermäuse in der Schweiz" Comerge has developed an iPad-Game that takes the visitors on an exciting scavenger hunt through the bat exhibition at the Zoo Zurich. 

Comerge has developed the concept, software, and user experience. The game offers six animated bats as game characters, which all have their own preference concerning prey insects and hideouts. In each level, the player needs to solve tasks about Swiss bats. If done correctly, his bat will fly further...

The challenge

Make learning about bats fun for kids and young adults

The app's main intent was to entice the young visitors of the bat exhibition to explore the exhibition rooms more closely. 

To enter the various levels of the game, the app expects the player to scan QR codes that are hidden in the exhibition rooms. At each of the levels, the app poses questions that can be solved by using the information and exhibits in the corresponding exhibition room.

This kind of mixed reality is a memorable experience for young and old.

The Batz app: Learning in a playful way
The Batz app: From a drawing to the product
The Batz app: Example question
The Batz app: theme rooms
The Batz app: At exhibition