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Comerge is hiring
I value the Comerge team as experts in agile software development and as a reliable partner for the maintenance of complex systems.
Maurice Erb
IFIT AG / Erb  Technology GmbH

We like to create
good software.

Since 2008, we have created custom made web applications, rich clients, smartphone apps, and many other unique software projects for mid- to large-scale enterprises from various business domains. Our work process is responsive. This guarantees on-time delivery, excellent quality, and makes sure that you receive the software you like.

Our software engineers and designers in Zurich form an exceptional team and propose the optimal choice of technologies (Java and Eclipse RCP as well as Google Web Toolkit GWT, C# and .NET, Objective C and iOS) for your software. Know-how, technologies, and active methods together with the passion for what we do, turn your idea into software everyone likes.

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